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Our Terms & Conditions

Deposit - Secure your Booking

Upon confirmation of an item booked for hire with The Events Room the client will receive confirmation that the Goods they have requested are available for the requested date. To secure the hire of the Goods the client will pay a non-refundable 50% deposit to The Events Room once they have agreed to all of the terms and conditions stated below.

The client has ten working days to pay the deposit to secure the order. If the deposit has not been received within ten working days the Goods will not be secured and can be hired by someone else for the requested date.

Final Payment

Payment for the remaining balance must be made by the client via bank transfer 3 months before the agreed delivery date of Goods by The Events room. 

Cancellation of Change of Date

Any funds paid to The Events Room are non-refundable. In the event of a cancellation money will not be returned to the client.

If a change to the date of the hire of Goods by the client is requested, The Events Room has the right to decline the new date. Only when a new date can be confirmed on agreement by both parties the original deposit paid will be used to secure the new agreed date.

COVID-19 Policy

Change of date or postponement due to New Zealand Government COVID-19 related Restrictions

In the case of restrictions relating to COVID-19 traffic light system in New Zealand or you have tested positive or living with a positive case has meant the client had to cancel their event, The Events Room will use any money paid by the client to secure a new date for hire. The date must be upon agreement by both parties and within 12 months of the original hire date.

If The Events Room is unable to deliver the items your event due to themselves being in isolation under the New Zealand Current COVID-19 restrictions (if tested positive or living with a positive case) you will receive a full refund.  

Damage or Loss to Goods

Once Goods are handed over to the client for hire the client is reliable for all expenses, loss and/or damage to The Events Room property. If the Goods are returned in a damaged state or state other than what it was hired out in, except for fair war and tear or fault in the Goods, the client will be liable to pay The Events Room for the costs of any repair required to the returned Goods to a re-hireable condition. The client will not be responsible for damage to the goods if damage arises from The Events Room team. 

In the clients care during the hire period if the Goods are damaged beyond reasonable repair, lost or stolen the client must pay The Events Room for full replacement costs of the Goods. The client will also be liable to pay for loss of any rental profit if the Goods can no longer be hired out to other pre-booked events until the Goods have been replaced.


When a quote has been given to the client by The Events Room for hire of Goods the quotation will be valid for thirty days from the date of issue. However the quotation thirty days does not include holding of requested date and goods, if the quoted Goods are secured within this period The Events Room as the ability to withdraw the quote for requested date. The if client would like to secure the Good and date of hire please refer to the Deposit - Secure your Booking section above. Where Goods are required to be added upon customer request a new quote will be provided. 

Injury & Damage to Property, Client or Third Person

The Events Room is not responsible for any damage or loss suffered as a result of the clients use of the Goods once Goods are handed over to the client upon hire date. The client also shall not have a claim against The Events Room for any claim by themselves or a third person for any loss, injury or liability arising from the Goods hired by the client from The Events Room. 

No warranties by Client

The client acknowledges that The Events room has not made or given any warranties to the following: The suitability of Goods for their intended purpose; expertise in advising the client as to the appropriate Goods to be hired for their events; the condition and/or quality of Goods. 

Ownership of the Goods remains with The Events Room at all times

The client has no ownership or title over the Goods The Events Room has hired to the client. The client shall advise The Events Room upon request of the whereabouts of the Goods hired and has the right to enter the premises where the Goods are and take possession of the Goods. 

Care and return of the goods

Goods must be returned to The Events Room upon agreed date once hire period has commenced. The client is reliable to care for the Goods once hire period begins and prevent damage and loss to the Goods until handed back over to The Events Room.  All items are to be returned in their original state hired out to the client in. 


No claim relating to goods and services will be considered unless made within ten days of completion of the hire date. 

Once any money has been transferred and hiring Goods from The Event Room, you agree to all Terms and Conditions and understand these Terms and Conditions are binding. 

No assignment of hire agreement

The client shall not sublet the Goods to any other person but this shall not prevent employees of the client using the goods within the hire period agreement.